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We offer comprehensive solutions for both local and international entrepreneurs and individuals looking to establish their business presence in this thriving market.

We cooperate with one of the leading corporate secretarial company on the market called In.Corp Indonesia, formally Cekindo, and their team of experienced professionals, including business consultants, legal advisors, and compliance specialists, is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that our clients navigate the company registration process with ease.

Our Service Scope:

1. Company Registration Consultation:


We Provide Personalized Consultations To Help You Understand The Company Registration Process In Indonesia, Including The Different Types Of Business Entities, Required Documentation, And Regulatory Compliance. Our Team Works Closely With You To Identify The Most Suitable Business Structure For Your Investments Needs And Provide Tailored Guidance Throughout The Process.

2. Documentation Preparation and Submission:

Our team of experts assists you in preparing and submitting all necessary documentation for company registration, including the Articles of Association, business licenses, and tax registration documents. We ensure that all paperwork is accurate and complete, minimizing the risk of delays or rejections.

3. Legal Advisory Services:

Our legal advisors offer expert guidance on various aspects of company registration, including regulatory compliance, shareholder agreements, and employment contracts. We work with you to develop a solid legal framework for your business, ensuring that your interests are protected, and all legal requirements are met.

4. Tax and Accounting Advisory Services:


Our financial advisors provide expert advice on tax and accounting matters related to company registration, including tax registration, compliance, and reporting. We work with you to develop an effective tax strategy that optimizes your financial performance while minimizing risks.

5. Post-Registration Support:

We offer ongoing support and assistance after your company is successfully registered, including updates on regulatory changes, assistance with annual compliance, and guidance on business expansion. Our team is committed to helping you maintain your business presence in Indonesia and ensuring that your operations run smoothly.

The Most Common Business Entities In Indonesia:

1. PT (Perseroan Terbatas) – Limited Liability Company:

A PT Is The Most Common Type Of Business Entity In Indonesia For Both Local And Foreign Investors. It Is A Legal Entity Separate From Its Shareholders, Who Have Limited Liability For The Company’s Debts. A PT Requires At Least Two Shareholders, One Director, And One Commissioner. Foreign Ownership Of PT Is Subject To Certain Restrictions And Sectoral Limitations.

2. PT PMA (Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing) – Foreign-Owned Limited Liability Company:


A PT PMA is a type of PT specifically designed for foreign investors. It allows up to 100% foreign ownership, depending on the business sector, and requires a minimum investment plan of IDR 10 billion (approximately USD 700,000).

3. CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap) – Limited Partnership:


A CV is a partnership consisting of at least one active partner (general partner) and one silent partner (limited partner). The general partner has unlimited liability for the company’s debts, while the limited partner’s liability is limited to their investment. CVs are typically not available for foreign investors.

4. Representative Office:

A representative office is an office established by a foreign company to carry out non-commercial activities, such as market research, promotion, or liaison activities. It cannot generate revenue or engage in sales and is not considered a separate legal entity.

The Company Registration Process In Indonesia:

1. Obtain A Company Name:

Submit A Company Name Application To The Online Single Submission (OSS) System, Which Will Check The Availability Of The Proposed Name.

2. Prepare and Notarize Articles of Association:

Draft the Articles of Association and have them notarized by a public notary. This document outlines the company’s purpose, structure, shareholder information, and other relevant details.

3. Register with the Online Single Submission (OSS) system:

Submit the necessary documents and information to the OSS system to obtain the Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Business Identification Number (NIB), and Business License.

4. Obtain Tax Identification Number (NPWP):


Register with the Indonesian Tax Office to obtain a Tax Identification Number (NPWP) for your company.

5. Open a Corporate Bank Account:

Open a bank account in the company’s name and deposit the required minimum paid-up capital.

6. Register with the Manpower Department:


Register your company and employees with the Ministry of Manpower to ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Required Documents For Company Registration In Indonesia:

The Documents Required For Company Registration May Vary Depending On The Type Of Business Entity. However, The Most Common Documents Include:

  1. Proposed Company Name
  2. Articles Of Association
  3. Identity Documents Of Shareholders, Directors, And Commissioners (Such As Passport Or KTP)
  4. Tax Identification Numbers (NPWP) Of Shareholders, Directors, And Commissioners
  5. Letter Of Domicile From The Local Government Or Building Management
  6. Investment Plan For PT PMA (If Applicable)
  7. Power Of Attorney (If The Registration Process Is Being Handled By A Third Party)

How Long Usually Take The Company Registration Process?

The Company Registration Process In Indonesia Can Vary In Duration, Depending On The Type Of Business Entity, The Complexity Of The Business, And The Efficiency Of The Submission Process. Generally, It Takes Approximately 2 To 6 Weeks To Complete The Registration Process For A Local PT (Perseroan Terbatas) Or A PT PMA (Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing) – A Foreign-Owned Limited Liability Company.

The Timeline May Be Extended If Additional Licenses Or Permits Are Required For Specific Business Sectors Or If There Are Delays In Obtaining Necessary Documents Or Approvals From The Authorities. Working With A Professional Consultancy Like MMW Property Can Help Expedite The Process By Ensuring That All Required Documentation Is Accurately Prepared And Submitted In A Timely Manner.

Regulatory Compliance:

Business Licensing

Obtain a Business Identification Number (NIB) and Business License through the OSS system. Additional licenses and permits may be required, depending on the business sector.

Tax Compliance

Obtain an NPWP and adhere to tax regulations, including VAT registration, withholding tax obligations, and annual corporate income tax returns.

Employment Regulations

Comply with labor laws, including minimum wage requirements, employee benefits, social security (BPJS) contributions, and occupational safety and health regulations. Register employees with the Ministry of Manpower.

Environmental Regulations


Depending on the business nature, environmental permits may be required. Companies in specific industries may need to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) before commencing operations.

Annual Compliance

Submit annual reports and financial statements to relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Indonesian Tax Office. Hold annual general meetings (AGMs) to discuss and approve matters like financial reports, dividends, and board appointments.

Corporate Governance


Adhere to corporate governance principles and practices, including the appointment of directors and commissioners, the establishment of an audit committee, and the implementation of internal control systems.

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