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Terms and Conditions for MMW Property Indonesia Website

Please carefully review the following Terms of Service (effective as of 1st January 2023) before using the services provided by PT MMW PROPERTY INDONESIA to understand your legal rights and obligations towards PT MMW PROPERTY INDONESIA and its affiliates and subsidiaries (individually and collectively, “MMW”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). These Terms of Service will apply upon your payment of the Proforma Invoice or Invoice. 


1. MMW refers to PT MMW PROPERTY INDONESIA, a limited liability company established and operating under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, providing property management and real estate services, such as property sales, leasing, marketing, consulting, and other related services.

2. MMW Website is mmwproperty.co.id or any other website informed by MMW from time to time.

3. Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the Client and MMW outlining the rules and regulations governing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties, as well as the terms for using MMW’s services.

4. Client refers to an individual or company who makes payment for the Proforma Invoice, or Invoice.

5. Services encompass all types of services, functions, and responsibilities offered by MMW to the Client, as specified in these Terms and Conditions of the cooperation agreement between MMW and the Client.

6. MMW Account refers to an account established by MMW for the payment/refund process on the MMW Website, as provided in the Proforma Invoice, or Invoice.

7. An Proforma Invoice, or Invoice include the a list of services, functions, and/or responsibilities requested by the Client to be executed by MMW.

8. Government denotes any institution with governmental or quasi-governmental authority, including its organs, at the national or local level.


1. The Client declares that they are legally competent and capable of entering into a binding agreement.

2. MMW, in providing the Service, may create an email account or government account for the Client’s benefit, including its passwords, either using the Client’s data or via MMW’s internal process.

3. Clients are prohibited from creating or using devices, software, features, or other tools intended to manipulate the MMW system, including but not limited to: (i) data manipulation; (ii) crawling/scraping activities; and (iii) other activities that can be reasonably considered as system manipulation.

4. MMW has the authority to take necessary actions without prior notice to the Client in case of any alleged violation of the Terms and Conditions and/or applicable law.

5. The Client agrees that any request to loan or transfer account and password made by MMW in the execution of the Service will only be complied with upon full payment of all outstanding invoices billed by MMW to the Client.

6. The Client indemnifies MMW from any responsibility for loss or damages arising from the misuse of the Client account due to the Client’s negligence while using the account and password created and loaned to and/or transferred by MMW.

7. If the Client breaches clause B.6, they grant the right to MMW to declare that the Service has been completed without requiring MMW to prove otherwise to the Client.


1. MMW will provide the Services and assistance listed in the Proforma Invoice, or Invoice and will deliver them promptly and competently. The Client will supply MMW with all required documents and information as requested by the local Governmental Authority for the delivery of such Services.

2. For Services rendered under the Proforma Invoice, or Invoice, the Client agrees to pay MMW a non-refundable amount specified in the Proforma Invoice, or Invoice, except where otherwise stipulated.

3. Payment must be made in US Dollars (USD) or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), according to the current rate at the date.

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