Overview of Return on Investment Rates On Indonesia Property In 2023

Over the past few years, Indonesia has significantly improved its structural guidelines and macroeconomics. Indonesia’s economy is consistently growing and as a result, Indonesia is able to concentrate on its development strategies and processes. 

There is a constant rise in property values and demand due to high levels of urbanization and rapid expansion of population in Indonesia. This has made the real estate market of Indonesia one of the most dynamic markets in the region.

Also, the pandemic crisis did not affect the Indonesian real estate market much. Hence, in terms of making investments, the Indonesian market is one of the most profitable choices. 

There are many property investment opportunities in Indonesia for you to create another successful and profitable source of income. So, let us give you more detailed information about investment and ROI rates in Indonesia before you make your decision.

Necessary Information About ROI of Property Investment in Indonesia

Nowadays, both locals and foreigners buy property in Indonesia due to the high “ROI – Return on Investment” rate in Indonesia. Generally, property investment in Indonesia yields up to 20% to 30% ROI annually. However, the ROI rate may differ depending on the location of the property. 

One of the reasons why property investment in Indonesia is offering such a high ROI rate is that this country is all set to become one of the most powerful global economic hubs in the coming years. 

As a result, you will be able to recover your capital investment in the initial 10 to 12 years if you have purchased the property with a 25-year lease. You will gain good profits until your property lease expires. Also, you can always renew the lease at any time you wish.

However, there are a few factors that can affect the overall ROI rate on your property. Read ahead to know about them in detail.

Various Factors Affecting ROI

There are a few of the major factors that can affect the returns on your property investment in Indonesia. Here are some of them:

Consistent economic growth: It is evident that a growing economy helps in building a strong and stable real estate market. Hence, the stability of the Indonesian economic market is the backbone of property management in Indonesia.

Supply and demand dynamics: The return rate can be greatly impacted by the perfect or the imperfect balance between property supply and demand. The combination of high demand and limited supply can significantly increase the property valuation.

Infrastructure improvement: The infrastructural improvement in transportation connectivity and networks can cause an increase in the property value of the areas near these developments.

Policy Changes: Policy and regulatory changes may cause significant market fluctuations. Hence, investors who wish to buy or sell property in Indonesia should be well informed about the changing regulations. 

Tourist attractions and places: Areas with tourist attractions often draw people who wish to invest in short-term property rentals in Indonesia or any holiday homes.

Also, apart from all the factors mentioned above, there are a few other things that an investor must take into consideration while making an investment. Such as purchase and mortgage details of the property, monthly and annual rental income as well expense details of the property. 

Moreover, Indonesia has comparatively high tax rates. Hence, the transfer or transaction costs of real estate are quite expensive in Indonesia. Therefore, investors must also pay attention to this factor while calculating the ROI. 

However, in order to make the right and informed decisions, you may take the help of one of the best property management services in IndonesiaMMW Property. They can help you with diverse options for investments along with legal guidance. 

Profitable Areas in Indonesia to Make Investment

If you are looking for some beautiful, profitable, and budget-friendly places in Indonesia to make property investments, then the below list will help you.


Bali is one of the most beautiful and investment-worthy tourist destinations in Indonesia. This island has comparatively better and more aesthetically attractive infrastructure than any other place nearby. Hence, it is among the favorite destinations of tourists. 

The increasing number of international tourists and favoritism have boosted Bali’s economy significantly. Also, Bali property ownership is among the most affordable ones in Indonesia. Hence, buying property in Bali is the best choice because of its growing infrastructure and affordability.


Jakarta is situated on Java’s northern coast and has a population of more than 30 million. Also, Jakarta is known as the second largest metro area after Tokyo. Jakarta is made up of 5 small cities namely – West Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, and Central Jakarta. 

Hence, there are good opportunities for property investment in Jakarta, the capital city. However, Central Jakarta and South Jakarta are the most favorite places of investors. 


Lombok is among the top choices in the region for both foreign and local investors. It is a beautiful island situated in the western region of Sumbawa and the eastern region of Bali. 

Also, many infrastructural improvement projects are going on, making it a perfect place for real estate investment. Hence, all real estate property management services are advising their clients to invest in Lombok properties for higher ROI in the future.


Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. This city is known to surpass the capital because of its significantly increasing growth rate. Also, Indonesia is developing the first-ever high-speed rail project. This project is going to link Jakarta and Surabaya. 

Hence, this project will boost the economy of Surabaya greatly. So, in order to gain higher ROI, many investors have kept their decision to buy property in Indonesia on hold till the project is completed.

Closing Lines: Make Investments in Indonesia Now!

Undoubtedly, Indonesia is now growing to be one of the biggest hubs of real estate property investment. As a result, foreigners are attracted to many cities in Indonesia for investment. However, with the right guidance and help, one can avoid any fraud or legal issues while dealing with real estate. For the same, you may visit MMW Property – one of the best and most reliable Apartments or Airbnb property management services in Indonesia.

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