The Ultimate Property Management Guide: Top 20 Questions to Ask Your Property Management Company or Your Property Manager

Selecting the right property management company or manager is crucial for the success of your real estate investment. To ensure you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled the top 20 questions you should ask before entrusting your property to a management team. From understanding their roles and responsibilities to delving into fee structures and tenant management during challenging times, these questions cover every aspect of the property management process.

1. What are the different roles and responsibilities of property managers in your business?

Understanding the specific duties and responsibilities assigned to property managers provides insight into the level of expertise and dedication they bring to the table.


2. How is your property management business set up?

Learning about the structure of the property management business helps you gauge its organization and efficiency, ensuring that your property is in capable hands.


3. Can you please talk me through your property management fee structure?

Clarity on fees is crucial. This question ensures you comprehend the financial commitment and what services are covered under the management fees.


4. How did you handle tenants affected financially by COVID-19?

This question delves into the property manager’s ability to adapt during challenging times and their approach to supporting both landlords and tenants.


5. Who in your business handles the rental arrears?

Understanding the process for managing rental arrears ensures timely and effective resolution, safeguarding your investment.


6. I own multiple properties. What are the benefits if I consolidate my portfolio with your office?

Consolidation offers efficiency and potential cost savings. This question explores the advantages of having a unified management approach for multiple properties.


7. Does my property manager have a contact mobile telephone number?

Access to a direct line ensures quick communication and resolution of urgent matters.


8. Does the owner or director of the agency get involved with the day-to-day running of the property management department?

Knowing the level of involvement from higher-ups gives you confidence in the overall management approach and commitment to excellence.


9. If my tenant breaks their lease, what actually happens?

Understanding the process and potential implications provides clarity on how the property management team navigates unforeseen circumstances.


10. Are you a registered and licensed property management team?

Ensuring proper registration and licensing guarantees that the property management team adheres to industry standards and regulations.


11. How long have you been in the business?

Experience matters. A long-standing presence in the industry signifies a track record of successful property management.


12. How many properties do you manage, and how many employees do you have?

These metrics provide insights into the workload per employee and the overall capacity of the property management team.


13. In what area is your managerial expertise?

Understanding the specific areas of expertise helps you align the property management team’s strengths with your property’s needs.


14. What are your communication response times between owner and tenants?

Prompt communication is essential. This question ensures that you’re aware of the expected response times for inquiries and updates.


15. What are your managerial fees, and what does it include?

Digging deeper into the fee structure ensures transparency and helps you evaluate the value for money in the services offered.


16. Are there any hidden fees?

Clear communication on potential hidden fees prevents unexpected financial surprises down the line.


17. Can I get a copy of the lease agreement you signed with prospective tenants?

Reviewing the lease agreement allows you to understand the terms and conditions set by the property management team and ensures that they align with your preferences.


18. What is involved in your tenant screening process?

A robust tenant screening process is crucial for successful property management. Understanding the steps taken ensures quality tenant selection.


19. What measures do you take to ensure property maintenance and repairs are promptly addressed?

Understanding the property management team’s approach to maintenance ensures that your property will be well-maintained, preserving its value over time.


20. How do you handle disputes between landlords and tenants?

This question delves into the conflict resolution process, providing insights into the property management team’s ability to handle disagreements effectively and maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Arming yourself with these 20 questions provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating potential property management companies or managers. By seeking detailed answers, you empower yourself to make an informed decision and ensure that your property is in capable and reliable hands.


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